Pilates based mat exercises increase strength, flexibility and stamina.

The exercises were initially designed by Joseph Pilates and focus particularly on the abdominal and deep back muscles (core strength).

These exercises have been modified to suit beginners through to those at more advanced levels.

Posture and resilience to the strains of everyday life are helped by exercise which relax overworked muscles and reactivate weaker muscles.

We have combined our knowledge as Chartered Physiotherapists with our experience of various approaches to Pilates to offer individual and matwork classes within this practice.

  • All beginners need a
    one to one assessment (£55).
  • 5-6 week courses available
  • Morning and
    evening classes

Jill Robinson M.C.S.P.

Rosemary Loveday M.C.S.P.

Members of The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy